“I have a large clinical practice seeing both male and female patients with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome/nonbacterial prostatitis. I have worked closely with Ms. Miller, as pelvic floor physical therapy is a keystone in the treatment of all of these disorders. I think she is the best physical therapist I have had the opportunity to work with in my long career. She is extremely involved with the care of these patients and often makes valuable suggestions for diagnosis and treatment that are particularly helpful. The patients love her and she is an excellent clinician. If any care questions arise she always reaches out to me and we discuss management and come to a plan together.”

“Sharing patients with Lucia has been a pleasure. We enjoy clear communication, joint examinations and counseling in difficult clinical situations, and collaboration to develop future areas of research and growth opportunities for our Center. Lucia immediately impressed me with her breadth of experience in pelvic physical therapy and her perspectives on the integration of Western medicine, physical therapy and alternative medicine. Her focus on aqua therapy, pilates, yoga and mindfulness are examples of her perspective on pelvic health. Lucia understands the role of healing for patients suffering from pelvic floor disorders and tries to address this in every visit.”

“I knew the first day in my pregnancy when I began to have difficulty standing on one leg that I wanted to entrust Lucia with my rehab. I am so appreciative that I have an advocate such as Lucia, because my doctors knew the importance of my pelvic health because Lucia had built such great relationships with them.”