Lucia Miller, MPT Physical Therapy – Pelvice  - Pilates – Aquatics – Ergonomics


Lucia Miller, PT, MPT

Pelvic Health & Orthopedic Physical Therapy – Pilates – Aquatics – Ergonomics


With a genuine passion for improving the quality of life and functional abilities of my clients and patients, I provide personalized care integrating my knowledge and experience to best suit your needs. Combining my background as a professional dancer with 35 years practicing Pilates, 27 years in Orthopedic PT, and the past 12 years dedicated to providing excellence in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for women, men and transgender clients, together we can reach your goals for fitness, health and function. I offer the following services in my practice:

  • Physical therapy evaluation and treatment for Pelvic and Orthopedic diagnoses
  • Manual therapy self care instruction including soft tissue and joint mobilization
  • Pilates rehabilitation demonstration on Trapeze Table and Reformer apparatus
  • Musculoskeletal realignment education for correction of structural dysfunctions
  • Ergonomic evaluation and postural education
  • Aquatic Physical Therapy recommended therapeutic exercises

Experience and Professionalism

With my expertise in integrating techniques from physical therapy and Pilates, I can guide you in reaching your goals with rewarding and lasting results. I am honored to work with pre- and post- partum moms, professional athletes and performing artists, as well as patients with chronic diseases and disabilities.

The personalized treatment plans and one-on-one sessions produce results in treating a wide range of conditions, from pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, digestive and defecatory dysfunction, post-operative rehabilitation, acute injuries and chronic pain dysfunctions.

Personalized Care

Your session will start with a physical therapy evaluation and diagnosis. Treatment may include instruction in self care and treatment such as manual therapy techniques, use of biofeedback, dilators and pelvic wands, postural re-education, stress management tools, Pilates rehabilitation, therapeutic exercise instruction, and referrals to resources and other specialists in the field.

My goal is to provide the highest level of personalized physical therapy intervention and guidance. You will receive my undivided attention for the full session, including education and explanation of pathology using anatomical models and charts.

I look forward to working together and hope you will appreciate the difference!